“Saslow humanizes big issues by embedding himself in characters’ lives, which allows him opportunity to observe the kinds of details that make for deeply personal, and moving, stories. His work always feels like it’s about the work, nothing more. He is building an impressive body of work with calm, fluid authenticity.”

Nieman Storyboard at Harvard University


A selection of stories from The Washington Post

“Who’s going to take care of these people?”

As emergencies rise across rural America, a hospital fights for its life.

How's Amanda?

A story of truth, lies, and an American addiction.

Into the Lonely Quiet

Months after the Newtown shooting, one family arrives at a reckoning.

The White Flight of Derek Black

The former heir to a racist movement reconciles with the ideology he helped spread.

A Father's Initiative

Paul Gayle had no job, no money, a new baby and 16 lessons from the Obama administration to teach him what to do next.

A Survivor's Life

Another mass shooting was over. The country had moved on. But one family was learning the unending extent of a wound.

“Nothing on this page is real.”

How’s lies become truth in online America.

A Dream Deferred

A policy change separated Javier Flores from his family and sent him back to Mexico, where nothing looked familiar.

"Why couldn't I stop him?"

Scot Peterson was the only armed deputy at a high school in Parkland, Fla., where he stood outside as the shooting continued.

"We don't know why it came to this."

A lonely death in rural Oklahoma.

"You're one of us now."

Ten years after Katrina forced them to rural Nebraska, the Williams were in need of rescue again.

"Is Anyone Listening?"

Rachel Crooks was 22 when she first met Donald Trump by the elevator, and she's still trying to understand what happened next.

"What Kind of Childhood is That?"

Orphaned by the opioid epidemic.

“Are you alone now?”

After raid, immigrant families are separated in the American heartland.

"Where Are My Guns?"

He had broken no laws when police came to his door in the latest controversial attempt at American gun reform.

Seeking Custody and Answers

Two terrorists left their 6-month old at home and killed 14 in California. What would happen to their baby?

Stay Calm. Be Patient.

Weeks after live-streaming her boyfriend's death, Diamond Reynolds was being tested again.

An Overdose and a Mother’s Search for Truth

Gun Violence's Distant Echo

A teenager wanted to challenge the gun culture in her rural Wyoming town. Would anyone listen?

"Ugh. I miss it."

Transitioning from military to civilian life, and from camaraderie to isolation.

Life of a Salesman

Selling success in the age of failure.

Waiting for the First

Food stamps put a Rhode Island town on a monthly boom-and-bust cycle.

From Belief to Resentment

The decline of the American middle class reaches another Indiana town.

Devasted by one Shutdown, Dreading the Next

“Hunger is Hidden.”

In rural Tennessee, a school bus becomes a bread truck.

Waiting to Erupt

In the shadow of a volcano, a Washington town hires its first black police officer, and nothing goes as planned.

The Public Life and Private Doubts of Al Sharpton

The Man in the Van

A professional baseball millionaire lives by his own code.


A 10-year-old boy faces risk and doubts on his way across the border to reunite with his mother.

Going it Alone

At the center of the U.S. border crisis, one deputy works to police 1,000 square miles.

"I Killed Him."

Days after a fatal collision, a player returns to the field.